Other Ways to Give



The Mills Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) needs your support - every event we sponsor and co-sponsor comes from membership fees and donations.

We do NOT rely on any funds from the Annual Fund, school, or District.  Last year we sponsored over 11 events throughout the year and had just enough to cover our expenses.  In addition to becoming a member and donating to the Annual Fund, please consider doing all of the EASY steps below to help out as well. 


Use eScrip, the most powerful fundraising program across the nation (group identification number 154010375).

Sign up on eScrip and register your cards (grocery cards, automated teller machine or credit cards).

Designate Mills Parent Teacher Organization to receive contributions (you can designate more than one group).  Then shop as you normally would, either online, in stores or shopping malls.

Each month, merchants send their sales data to eScrip.  For transactions on a registered card, they calculate the reward amount (1% - 10% of total), and send us a check in two weeks.  The merchants do the donating for us!  The merchants (Lucky Supermarkets, Target, Macy’s and more) require stringent security to protect customer information. This is a safe and easy way to donate to our school, saving extra cash in our budgets.

If you’d rather not register your credit card, you can simply choose to support Mills Parent Teacher Organization by clicking on the eScrip OnlineMall link. There you will find shopping categories, store listings and even see the amount that the school will get from your purchase. Many of your favorite stores like Target, Eastbay Sporting Goods, Home Shopping Network, use this as a means of donating to schools.

Some of the more popular retailer and the percentage they will give back the the Mills Parent Teacher Organization are listed below:

Benefits Mobile App

eScrip has also partnered with Benefit, a free mobile app which gives us dollars each time YOU use it for your purchase.  A WIN WIN for us! Go to Benefits Mobile to find out more and download the app on Google Play or Apple iTunes.