Mills High School PTO 

If you are attending Mills Got Talent and have NOT donated to the Annual Fund, please consider doing so today!

Mills High School & The Mills PTO present Mills Got Talent Mania 2023

Open to all Vikings, Their Families, & Neighbors!

Mills Mania

Mills Mania has been a Vikings Tradition for many years, bringing past, present, and future Vikings together.  Our student organizations sell food and drinks (to help fund their activities), we’ll have a photo booth, and a therapy animal farm for all to enjoy!  

We will also have a random draw of fun prizes for families who have donated to the Annual Fund. 

Very Special Guests

The Little Explorer Petting Zoo will bring in therapy animals to help us celebrate the Mills Got Talent Mania.  Be sure to drop by the grassy area outside of the cafeteria exit towards the Student Parking Lot!

Find the Duck!

Rubber ducks will be hidden throughout Center Court - find one and bring it to the PTO Table for a FUN carnival prize!


Last year, we brought talent into Mills Mania and for the second year, will have Mills Got Talent Mania (MGTM)!  

Although this event will be FREE of charge, we are highly encouraging all attendees to make an Annual Fund donation and/or request a corporate match (if you have not already done so). 

(click on the “Donate” button)


We need some helping hands for MGTM (and prizes, if you have some to donate)!  If you would like to join a fun crew, fill out the volunteer form today: Mills Got Talent Mania Volunteer Request Form

We hope to see you there!


You and your student get the chance to win some fun prizes!*

Please go to the Mills Mania Tab for more information!

The PTO asks families to pay both a PTO membership fee, and donate funds to the Annual Fund.  People have asked - what's the difference between the two?  This graphic shows the primary differences.

We know that some families are unable to help financially.  But there are funding gaps that need to be filled, so we need all financially-able families to give what they can.  Please visit our web page to pay your membership fee AND donate to the Annual Fund!  

Please do not forget to submit your corporate match - every dollar counts!

If you have not made your Annual Fund Donation yet, please send it.  EVERY dollar counts. To date, we have only reached 8% of our $140,000 goal. 


If we do not come close to our goal, there are classroom programs and initiatives that may not get funded for this school year and next. 


Donate TODAY!


Your donation goes towards your student’s fundraising efforts! We will hold a raffle during the Mills Got Talent Mania on Friday, March 24, 2023, where students and families could win prizes!


If you work for a large corporation, chances are they offer a corporate match – please submit your corporate match for your Annual Fund Donation for this year. Most companies match 1:1, which means if you donate $500, your company will match an additional $500!


Enjoy your holiday break and we all look forward to a peaceful, happy, and productive 2023!


On behalf of the Mills PTO Board,

~ Karen Bettucchi, President

Annual Fund

Annua Fund 2022-2023 Slides Presentable v2

(Click here for PDF)

Thank you to all of the generous families and sponsors who donated to the Mills Annual Fund last year.  With your support we raised just $50,000.

We need everyone's help again this year!

The PTO raises money for the Annual Fund, which supports our Wellness counselors and programs, science programs, student clubs, technology, teacher education, and more.

Please DONATE NOW and help us reach our $140,000 goal by the end of the 2022-2023 school year!

If your place of work has a corporate match, please be sure to submit one for your donation!  Additionally, if you, your employer, or your business can donate your time, presence, items, gift certificates, gift baskets or swag to the raffle, please sign up here!

We are asking that every financially-able family give a minimum of $500.  However, every gift counts, regardless of size.  Together we are Viking Strong!

With gratitude,

Nazneen Ashroff, PTO Annual Fund Chair (

Joy Pasamonte Henry, PTO Vice President (

Karen Bettucchi, PTO President (


Our Mission

Our mission is to communicate by keeping our Mills Community informed, connect parents with other parents, teachers, and administration, collect funds to support the Mills Annual Fund and PTO programs, and celebrate our students, teachers, staff, and administrators.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of parent volunteers, teachers, and staff who work directly with Principal Duszynski, the school administration, and other Mills parent organizations to support the needs of our school.

What We Do

Your $50 membership and generous donation of time allow our PTO to:

Senior Grad Night

Hello Viking Class of 2023 Families,

The Grad Night celebration is a long standing tradition of the graduating class.  It is organized and facilitated by the graduating class families.  Find out more!

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PTO Meeting - Wellness Team Talk about Substance Use and Dangers of Fentanyl

January 17, 7pm-8:15pm

The Mills PTO is hosting a series of wellness events for our families this Spring.  For our Tuesday, January 17th meeting, the San Mateo Union High School District Wellness Team will talk to us about substance use and the dangers of fentanyl.

According to the CDC, over 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

Watch the Wellness Team Talk recording and view the slides.

Watch President Karen Bettuchi Introduce the Mills PTO on Back to School Night

In Case You Missed It, Here is the Full Mills Back to School Night Video